Tips for a Successful Outdoor Wedding

Guest Planner

With spring’s arrival comes warm air, sunshine, longer days and… weddings! The secret to having a flawless wedding in those natural, outdoor settings is to include the right lighting and sound equipment. Most weddings in the spring seem to be outdoor ceremonies with the sun setting behind them to capture that perfect light. But what about the lighting when the sun sets? Lighting is an important part of the ambiance of both the wedding ceremony and reception.

Cory’s Audio Visual Services can work with you to customize and provide you with the look and feel you imagine. You can make it a smooth transition from the wedding at sunset, to the reception at sundown with the right lighting equipment.

Do you want your cake to stand out and be visible to your guests at night? It’s simple; just add some accent lighting to accentuate your beautiful cake to make it a breathtaking display. Or maybe you want to feature the dance floor and help set the tone of the reception.


Lighting is the one extra addition to make your day just the way you’ve always imagined it.

Another fun way to use lighting at your reception is to create your own personal photo booth. Lighting can help turn the pictures into quality photos and keepsakes and all you need to worry about is getting the background and props.

Imagine your wedding day on beautiful spring day and the birds are chirping, dogs are barking and playing and the wind is blowing. Your ceremony is outside and the guests can’t quite hear your vows. Make sure your guests can both see and hear your ceremony by getting the right sound equipment for the bride, groom and the officiate. Even if your wedding is in the middle of a pasture or the top of a mountain, Cory’s Audio Visual Services has battery operated sound systems so no matter the location of the ceremony, your vows can be heard.

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Sue and Lou on Accessories

Haley G accessories

Sadly, we don’t all have Monte from Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta to “jack up” our wedding dress with tons of amazing accessories.  There are so many different choices when it comes to accessories, how are you to choose what looks best without Monte? Our advice, grab your closest, most honest gal pals and try on all the different accessories you’re drawn to, from head pieces to shoes, until you find what you like best!  It’s like a glamorous, grown-up game of dress up!



There are so many options when it comes to jewelry, head pieces, sashes, shoes and anything and everything in between!  As with any outfit, you can take a simple white dress and give it so much “wow” factor with accessories, but then again, sometimes a simple strand of pearls or some diamond drop earrings are all an ensemble needs to be over the top!  You’ll hear us say again and again to be true to yourself in many aspects of wedding planning.  Choosing your ensemble for your wedding day is no exception.



When we think of wedding day accessories, we all think of the typical things like jewelry, clutches and the like, but there are some other “accessories” to consider that you might not be thinking about.  Maybe you noticed the bottle of champagne in the picture above.  Maybe champagne isn’t exactly an “accessory,” but Sue & Lou believe it is a necessity on your wedding day! We’re just kidding.  Well, half-kidding, anyway.  The drink in your hand, whether champagne or not, will be photographed right along side the rest of your accessories.  We recommend drinking out of a glass– a pretty one, if you can!  Photos of you holding a beer can or even a water bottle or juice box aren’t quite as classy as having your beverage in a glass.  Trust us, just do it!  On a side note, we recommend you alternate water with your spirited beverage of choice throughout the day so you don’t find yourself dehydrated and fatigued.


Back to accessories, and not the liquor, I mean, liquid kind…  Take temperature into consideration.  We LOVE that the bride who’s wedding is featured in the photo above had a beautiful faux fur wrap to keep her warm on her oh-so chilly wedding day rather then just an everyday coat!  If it’s hot on your big day, why not consider using a beautiful lace parasol for shade or a delicate Chinese hand fan to help you beat the heat?  The parasol will also help guard you against a dreaded, unwanted sunburn while you’re outside during pre-wedding photos.  A sunburn is an “accessory” none of us want on any day!


I’m sure you know the traditional rhyme that tells brides what they should wear for good luck.  “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”  This is a tradition that we love!  If you are in need of a starting point for your accessories for the big day, start with this rhyme.  Our top pick for “something blue?” A new sapphire ring!

blue sapphire_Fotor_Collage


On the big day you can’t forget about your groom and HIS accessories!  Some men might want more than others, but again, it’s a personal choice.  It is his day too; he needs some fabulous accessories as well!



From head to toe, you can accessorize pretty much every part of you, but there are a few accessories that are absolutely imperative on your wedding day– confidence and your big, beautiful smile!  You are going to be wearing a gorgeous gown, your hair and makeup will look perfect, and you should feel fantastic!  Strut your stuff down that aisle!  Everyone’s eyes will be on you, and you will look Aaa-Mazing! How can you not be overflowing with confidence and glowing with that smile of yours on this happiest of occasions?


Sue and Lou



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DIY Tuesday: Hanging Basket Chandelier


It’s DIY Tuesday again, and today I’ll be showing you how to make a DIY hanging basket chandelier.  This is an affordable piece that is so versatile you can change it to fit your own personal wedding style.  With the affordability of this project, you can make more than a few so you can make a big statement on your big day.



  • hanging flower basket
  • ribbon
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • twine


Step One:  Start by adding some glue to one of the vertical poles on your hanging basket.  Start to wrap the twine around the poles, using the glue to hold it into place.  Only glue sections about 1 to 2 inches long, or the glue will begin to dry before you can wrap the twine around.


Step Two:  Take your ribbon and cut it into 6 inch pieces.  Add it to the bottom ring of the hanging basket, with about 6 pieces per section.  You want to fill in each section full, so that your chandelier has some depth to it.


Step Three:  Unclip the chains that hang the basket, then remove the top hanger and clips and replace them with lace ribbon.


Step Four:  Using pliers remove one link from the chain.  With the open end run the link through the lace, and use it to attach the ribbon to the top hanger.


Step Five:  Take a ribbon at least 2 inches thick, and wrap loosely around the top ring of your basket.  Use hot glue to keep it in place, but only place dot it sparingly to keep the loose look.


Intern Alex Cifuentes

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A Country Inspired Wedding

Wedding Ideas Exclusive Interview



Our lovely bride, Lindsey, says that the country inspired wedding was so incredibly beautiful. “We were all together and happy. It was an emotional, fun filled day and we had many tears of joy… and laughter.”


Our photographer, Kim Stubbs, gave us wonderful memories in photos that were breathtaking! I loved the outdoor takes! All the photos are very “in the moment” and although many are posed, they never looked forced. I especially love the shots of everyone having a great time!






They were blessed to have family and friends with them to share their love and to be together at this special time. “Our wedding was a perfect moment that I will never forget. Every single moment was perfect.”

rec118 rotated



Candlelight and twinkle lights gave the reception hall a magical, romantic feel as guests celebrated with Lindsey and Brad. A photo booth, dancing, and a party bus- all details that equaled serious fun!



Photos by Stubbs Photography by Kim Written By Jana Snure

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Verizon Wedding App of the Week

Going from Chaotic to Organized


You’ve probably heard the saying “Weddings are a big party for your family and friends to recognize you and the one you love.” With parties, comes planning– and lots of it. Make the planning process simpler with the iParty Deluxe app.

From wedding showers, rehearsals, to the actual wedding - as a couple you are responsible for planning multiple events with the help of your loved ones. The iParty Deluxe app helps you plan so you can have all of your information in one organized location.

iParty1 iParty2 iParty3

You can edit your guest lists and keep track of RSVPs, so you don’t get confused about who is coming to what. You can add notes and even photos to your list. The iParty Deluxe app also has an innovative to-do list where you can keep track of task details, due date and status of projects.

One of the most difficult parts about planning a wedding or even events is keeping track of the budget. You can keep an updated expense list so you know exactly how much you spent.

If you are the kind of person who likes to have the information available to you on-the-go, or want to share information with your fiancé, parents or even best friend, you’ll love that you can easily export the data into an Excel file.

The iParty Deluxe app is available for $1.99 in the Apple store.

The Wedding Ideas App of the Week was brought to you by Natasha Smith of Verizon Wireless.

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A Color Palette of Greens, Creams & Whites for a Wedding in the Woods



Sarah's wedding


Sarah wanted a natural feel for her wedding and chose a color palette of greens, whites and creams. Since both she and Mike have a love of nature, they wanted to have an organic feel to their wedding. Linens were shades of green and the venue was on the edge of the woods with an enormous picture window behind the altar giving the chapel a very open feel. About a week before the wedding, Sarah realized they were getting married on Earth Day, so it was perfect!


Sarah was considering alternative options for the guest book and her father, who is an artist, created an original piece of art for her. He designed a piece of work that is priceless to the couple. He placed a silhouette of Mike and Sarah holding hands beneath two trees, their branches intertwined to form a canopy. It is four and a half feet tall and guests signed the leaves and doves sitting on branches. A very special gift for a very special couple.


The D.J. at the wedding played the anniversary dance – a dance where all the married couples start dancing and are eliminated until the couple who has been married the longest is left. Sarah knew her grandparents would be last, having been married for 60 years and still in love. Sarah arranged for the D.J. to play her grandparents favorite song and when they were the last couple on the floor, Sarah and Mike joined them to share the dance. Sarah then presented her grandmother with her bridal bouquet and said, “It was hard to find a dry eye in the place”.

sm (307)

sm (12)

sm (635)

The party favors were another clever, organic idea that Sarah loved. Handmade paper hearts were embedded with wildflower seeds for their guests to take home to plant in their garden. What a wonderful reminder of Sarah and Mike’s wedding when they bloomed a few weeks later! She loved the way they were displayed – her florist planted grass seed in an old fashioned bird bath and nestled the cards among fresh, young grass and wildflowers. It was a beautiful, unique touch.

sm (1883)

sm (1865)


sm (1851)


Loves we Love…the organic, green feel of the wedding, the birdbath and natural grass, tailgate pictures…

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Wedding Dress Shopping

Shopping for the perfect wedding dress is a ton-o-fun and should be an unforgettable experience!  I, Sue, had the pleasure of indulging in this exact experience this past Saturday.  It is an emotional, amazing day I will never forget.  Below are my tips for making the most of YOUR wedding dress shopping experience!


**Disclaimer:  Every girl’s personality and preferences are different, so not everyone’s dress shopping experience is the same.  :)


Tip #1:  Schedule an entire day devoted only to dress shopping!  This may be the only day you ever go shopping for a wedding dress, so you need the proper planning to make it easy, fun, and unforgettable!  My day began with a fabulous, but small breakfast of whole wheat heart shaped waffles, greek yogurt with fresh fruit, and of course, mimosas!  Next, we headed to the first dress shop in Oklahoma City, Meg Guess Couture.  After, we had a brunch reservation at Flint where we indulged in even more mimosas!  Then, we headed to Norman where I found “the one” at Beloved Bridal!  I had another appointment scheduled for that afternoon, but decided to cancel it when I knew I had found THE dress.  To recap, we had a light breakfast, dress shopped, brunch reservations, and dress shopped some more.   I had two insanely amazing sisters who stayed up late and prepared a gorgeous setup; and who even cut the strawberries into hearts!

Breakfast collage

Tip #2:  Schedule your dress appointments at least 2 weeks in advance.  Most dress shops require an appointment and if you’re shopping on a weekend these typically fill up quickly.  Be sure you plan ahead and make your appointments as far in advance as possible.


Tip #3:  Limit your entourage.  When the discussion of dress shopping first arose I had a list, a mile long ,of who I wanted to take with me.  My mom, sisters, his mom, sister, niece, friends, aunts, grandma…  This is not a good idea for many reasons.  One, the boutiques are usually fairly small and have limited seating.  They have limited seating because they don’t recommend large groups either.  Two, everyone has their own thoughts.  You don’t need 9 different people barking their opinion at you.  This can become quite overwhelming.  I took four ladies with me.  My dad stopped by the store only to approve the dress I chose! blog

Tip #4:  Relax.  If you stress yourself, or others, out you are not going to have fun.  Enjoy the experience and don’t force yourself into picking a dress ASAP.  You’ll know.  I promise!


Tip #5:  Celebrate!  My group had mini pink champagnes for each lady and a noise maker just in case I found the perfect dress!  We toasted to a successful day!


Sue and Lou

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DIY Wedding Dot Garland for anyone who loves Pinterest!


It’s DIY Tuesday again and today we’ll be making a paper dot wedding garland.  These are so cute and simple to make, you may want to make one for every room!  You can find a great pattern to match your unique wedding style, and even throw in some metallics to really make your garland pop.  What I really love is how simple this was to make, with the dot punch I used was literally punch and go!



  • craft paper
  • twine
  • scissors
  • paintbrush
  • modge podge
  • 2 inch circle punch


Step One:  Take your craft paper and fold it accordion style.  Make your folds just over 2 inches to maximize your paper usage.


Step Two:  Take your circle punch and begin to punch circles into your craft paper.  If it is too thick to punch, lessen the amount of paper you use.


Step Three:  Take two circles of matching patterns, and coat the inside of the circles with Modge Podge.


Step Four:  Line up the circles with the twine centered between the two, then press them together on the twine.  Repeat this step with the rest of your paper until your garland is as long as you’d like.


Intern Alex Cifuentes

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A Creative Engagement Photo Session

At the Oklahoma Railway Museum



Ashley and Chris met way back when.  Chris was Ashley’s bothers best friend growing up.  He began to grow on her as the years went on.  Over the course of 12 years, he went from being her brother’s friend that she tolerated, to one of her best friends, to the man she didn’t want to live without.


The engagement pictures are “one of a kind”. This creative engagement session was photographed at the Oklahoma Railway Museum.  Brandon Burton, a photographer with an obvious flare, took these amazing photographs.  Brandon, Ashley and Chris were excited to use the trains as a backdrop for these creative, artistic, and unique photos.

But, a train museum?  Why???  The couple loves to travel and loves vintage themes.  Nostalgic train engagement photos (what a unique postcard or save the date!) just seemed like a great idea.  WI couldn’t agree more!

IMG_4812 IMG_4820 IMG_4837 IMG_4849 IMG_4898 IMG_4933_bw IMG_4949_bw


Photos By Brandon Burton Photography

Written By Jana Snure

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DIY Tuesday: Tissue Paper Wedding Garland


It’s DIY Tuesday, and today we’ll be making the on-trend tassel tissue paper wedding garland.  Everywhere you look these are popping up, whether it’s a wedding, photo session, or even a bridal shower.  With the availability of tissue paper in every color of the sun, this project is simple to customize to your own special event.  Oh, and did I mention how simple it is?  With the little time I spent working on this product, I might just make one for every room of my house.



  • tissue paper
  • scissors
  • twine
  • hot glue gun


Step One:  Take your single sheet of tissue paper and fold it in half once lengthwise.  Next, fold it in half widthwise; then again fold it in half widthwise.  Before you start cutting, place your folded tissue paper with the crease facing away from you.


Step Two:  From the non-creased side begin to cut small strips up towards the crease, stopping at about two inches from the crease.  I found that the smaller your strips are the better the garland turns out.  Or you can also vary strip width by color, to add some variety to your garland.


Step Three:  Unfold your square and cut along necessary creases so that you have four separate squares of tissue paper.  You may have some still attached edges you need to cut if you only end up with two.


Step Four:  Take one of your tissue paper squares, and lay it down horizontally (with the cut edges facing out to the left and right).  Take the edge nearest you, and begin to roll it away from you making a small cylinder.


Step Five:  Twist up the center section so that it is cinched up tight.  You should twist it until you reach the cut portion of your square.  Next, make a loop with the twisted up center portion using a drop of hot glue to secure.  Repeat this step for your other three tassels.  Finally, take your cord to string the tassels, and place your tassels along it.  I used a dot of hot glue to make sure they stayed in place, and also alternated colors for some pizazz.


Intern Alex Cifuentes

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