Bright Ideas: Simple vs. Bold Reception Lighting

Diversify Rooms

The right lighting is essential to your wedding reception so make sure you explore all your options to find the perfect lighting that will transform your reception venue and create the ambience you’re looking for. Cory’s Audio Visual can help you discover hundreds of lighting possibilities whether you’re aiming for a simple or bold lighting design. Leave no bulb unturned when it comes to your reception lighting!

Beautiful reception lighting doesn’t need to be complicated. If you want to keep it simple, pinpoint lighting is a classic technique that allows you to highlight features of your reception and spotlight special moments like the bride and groom’s first dance or the bouquet toss.

String lights are one of today’s most popular lighting trends. With this enchanting yet simple lighting technique you can transform any setting into a romantic get-away by draping string lights overhead mimicking a star-filled sky. String lights can also be used to draw attention to certain features or spaces and create boundaries between different areas of the reception.

Uplighting is a more dramatic approach to lighting for those wanting a bold look and feel to their wedding reception. Uplighting allows you to customize and brighten your whole space with lights placed around the perimeter of your space that illuminate the walls. Choose from a number of bold colors or textures and if you can’t decide on one color, the intelligent lighting option allows you to change the color of your lighting throughout the event.

The latest trend in reception lighting is projection lighting. For a bold and custom look, projection lighting is the perfect way to take your reception to the next level. Project anything from the names of the bride and groom to a romantic photo of the newlywed couple. Place your projection lighting above the dance floor for a fun environment or project your lighting above the cake to create sweet backdrop for cutting the cake!

Lighting can transform your venue from uninteresting to unforgettable so remember to explore the hundreds of lighting possibilities when planning your wedding reception. Whether you decide to go with simple or bold lighting, Cory’s AV will help make sure your wedding reception is lit to perfection.

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tissue paper flower final

It’s DIY Tuesday again, and today we’ll be making giant tissue paper flowers.  For those of you who were not able to attend, this will be a recap from last week’s DIY class that we held at Uptown Grocery.  If you haven’t been able to attend one of our fun DIY classes, register for our blog to get info on upcoming classes.  They are a super fun way to spend some quality time with your bridesmaids, and to taste some delicious food from Uptown Grocery.  These gorgeous flowers were inspired from a runway show backdrop, which we thought would look absolutely gorgeous at any wedding.  Not only is it gorgeous, but the cost of the materials make it very cost effective to make a large amount of these flowers.

tissue paper flower supplies


  • Tissue Paper (2 Colors)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Small Piece of Yarn
  • Cardstock Petal Template ( 8” X 9”)

tissue paper flower 1

Step One: Using a single sheet of the color you’d like to use for the inner flower, fold it into fourths. Once folded, cut off a section from the top about 1.5 inches in width.

tissue paper flower 2

Step Two: Take the section your cut off, and using your piece of yarn tie it in the center. You don’t want to pinch the tissue paper, so tie the yarn loosely.

tissue paper flower 3

Step Three: Trim the ends of your tissue paper section into points. This will create a Dahlia type look for the inner section of your flower. You may also round out the ends if you prefer a more Rose/Peony style.

tissue paper flower 4

Step Four: Taking your section of tissue paper, bring the ends toward each other going both directions. Once you have done that, very gently pull apart the two layers of tissue, bring them upwards. Then, pinch the opposite end of the flower and twist it to secure the end.

tissue paper flower 5

Step Five: Now that the center of the flower is complete, we will start on the outer petals. Taking a single sheet of the second color of tissue paper, fold it into fourths. Place your template on top of the folded paper, and cut out the petal shape. Separate the connected ends, and this should leave you with four separate petals. Repeat this step twice, and you should end up with 12 petals. Using your glue gun, add a dot of glue to the twisted end of the center flower, and attach the end of your large petal to this.

tissue paper flower 6

Step Six: Continue to add your petals in a circular motion around the center flower, using a dot of glue each time to secure each petal. Once you’ve added the first four petals, twist the end of the flower to keep your petals in position. Continue to add  petals in this same motion, and continue to twist the end of the flower. Once you’ve added all your petals, use a scrap piece of tissue paper and cut out a small rectangle long enough to wrap around the twisted end of the flower. Add a line of glue to the twisted portion of the flower, and secure it all together with the scrap rectangle. Finally fold your petals outward to give your flower a blooming appearance, and Voilà!

tissue paper flower final voila

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A Radiant Orchid Garden Wedding


The Thompson’s chose to highlight Pantone’s color of the year, radiant orchid, at their garden wedding with a simple black and white background. The elegance of the garden venue was the perfect setting for this sophisticated affair, and allowed the touches of radiant orchid to really shine.

The ceremony featured a clean look, with elegant chairs, a white chiffon draped arch, and dashes of radiant orchid along the aisle. The bride’s bouquet was a perfect display of this lovely color, featuring lilies, hydrangeas, feathers, peonies, and a few white blooms.


While the ceremony had an ethereal look, the reception was simply breathtaking. Tony Foss was able to create a centerpiece look with the color of the year that took the reception to a new level. Each table featured a show stopping floral arrangement overflowing with hydrangeas, orchids, and lilies. Set against simple black table linens, the look screamed over-the-top elegance. To complete the look, the arrangement was paired with clear chargers and radiant orchid napkins set atop each plate.

While their colors made quite the appearance, photographer Jenni Woods was able to capture the Thompson’s special day in a way that the bride and groom were still the center of attention.


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The Perfect Gift for the Modern Bride and Groom


 Are you racking your brain as to what to get for the future bride and groom for their wedding shower? Stray away from the traditional toaster oven or dish set and give them something any modern-day future bride and groom would appreciate with the Mophie Space Pack for the iPhone 5/5s. It’s the perfect gift for the couple starting a new chapter in their lives!

Not only does this stylish phone case have built-in battery power, it also provides a choice of either 16GB or 32GB of extra space. With all the extra files from the wedding stored on the newlyweds’ mobile phones, they will appreciate the free space, giving them room to store the photos and videos from the honeymoon. This is a gift that keeps on giving!

The additional battery space will also be useful for all the traveling a wedding might bring. No more lingering by an outlet at the airport; the phone case gives your smart phone up to 100 percent extra battery including eight hours of talk time, 10 hours of video playback and 40 hours of music.

Space app, the correlated mobile app, gives you the ability to manage what’s in the space pack’s storage. You can easily share and transport files simply from the app. The app also automatically organizes all of the files on the space pack into collections so you can quickly find and enjoy stored items. Newlyweds can watch videos and sync photos all in one place without a Wi-Fi connection.

Give the gift of technology to the future bride and groom with the Mophie space pack, the world’s first battery case with built-in storage for iPhone 5/5s. As their lives as a married couple continue to fill with memories, their smartphones will too.

This Wedding Ideas app of the week is brought to your by Tom Nix of Verizon Wireless.

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Romantic Red Wedding



What better to celebrate the love between you and your fiancé, than celebrating with red, the color that screams romance. Tiffany did exactly that by using her favorite color throughout her big day, and the finished product was one full of bold color, and full of romantic elegance.



Tiffany’s cake was a three tier black and white cake, with roses adorning each layer, and a jeweled accent on the center tier. The cake table featured a beautiful black and white patterned table linen, which really made the red on the cake pop.




The bride carried a bouquet of deep red lilies and roses, and to complete her look she wore a pair of soft white platform sandals with a bejeweled heel. The bridesmaids delivered some major romance in their peep-toe red satin heels, with a jeweled detail at the toe.


The couple ended the night on a note of pure elegance, by getting away in a vintage white jaguar.

Photo Credit – Laske Images

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3 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Rustic Groom Look

So your groom is more boots than black tie, why not embrace it? By following these simple style guides, you can channel your groom’s love of all things rustic into a classic look perfect for your big day.

       Think Timeless

    • Your groom is dying to wear his favorite pair of Wranglers, but you’re envisioning him in a classic tux. Meet in the middle, and choose a classic pair of jeans that please both bride and groom. When choosing his denim, pick a dark wash pair with a boot cut fit that will never go out of style.

       Tailor Everything

    • Since you’re going with a more casual style, having the right fit is king. If you are going for the vintage chic look, find a great vest at your local vintage store and have your tailor make it something spectacular. When your groom walks down the aisle in his perfect fitting ensemble, you will feel all your rustic style doubts melt away.

       Personal Accessory Touches

    • Clearly your groom has a clear sense of how he wants to look on your biggest day, so let him choose accessories that are special to him. Paired with a denim and vest look, an heirloom watch or pocket square would make the look complete.

Rustic Groom

Photos by Laske Images

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Show Gratitude to Your Groomsmen With The HTC Fetch

You and your man are tying the knot, congrats!  As you jump into the mayhem of planning your perfect day don’t forget to honor the original romance in your man’s life – “bromance.”

The groomsmen agreed to wear whatever you tell them and to show up wherever you say but, most importantly, they have been by your man’s side from the start, so give them something to show your gratitude with the HTC Fetch.

Guest Planner

The HTC Fetch is a key fob-like Bluetooth device that can be attached to any item, such as your car keys, to keep track of that item so they doesn’t get lost.  Simply pair the Fetch via Bluetooth on your mobile device and, with the press of a button, Fetch sets off an alarm that will lead you to whatever item you’re missing.

Additionally, the proximity mode will set off an alarm if you wander outside of a 15m radius of any idem the HTC Fetch is tracking. And if you lose your HTC Fetch, don’t fret, just go online and you can pinpoint where it is, along with any missing item.

Give your groomsmen the gift of “smart tracking” so they don’t have to search for easily misplaced items again! Not only will they be in awe of this one-of-a-kind gift but they will also feel appreciated for all they have done for your special day.

This Wedding Ideas app of the week is brought to your by Tom Nix of Verizon Wireless.

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DIY Tuesday: Sequin Garland

Sequin Garland Final

It’s DIY Tuesday again, and today we’ll be making a fabulous sequin garland.  If any of you attended the okBride show, you saw our sequin garland hanging from the top of our newly designed booth.  The sequins took this garland from pretty to downright show stopping, and would be the perfect glam touch to any bride’s big day.

Sequin Garland Supplies


  • sequin fabric (3 yards)
  • chiffon fabric in coordinating color (6 yards)
  • twine
  • scissors

Sequin Garland 1

Step One:  Start off by cutting your sequin fabric into strips that are about four inches wide, and as long as you’d like your garland to be.  Next, cut a strip of your coordinating chiffon fabric, which will be used behind the sequin strip.  Unless you find a fabric with solid sequins, you will most likely need the chiffon as a back to the sequins to help show the color.  I normally use thinner strips for my fabric garlands, but when it comes to sequins more is always more.

sequin garland 2

Step Two:  Cut your twine that will hold your garland up.  For the amount of fabric listed in the supplies, I was able to create a 10 foot garland.  Once you have your sequin and chiffon duo ready to go, lay the sequin fabric down with the chiffon facing toward you.  Flip a one to two inch section over the hanging twine and pinch it together.  Using another piece of twine tie the two pieces of fabric together, making sure to tie it fairly close to the hanging twine.

sequin garland 3

Step Three:  Once you’ve secured your piece, knot it again ensuring that the strip will not come loose.  Trim the twine down so that the extra piece will not show from the front of the garland.

sequin garland 4

Step Four:  Now that you’ve got your sequin fabric on, you’ll want to add some chiffon strips to break up the glam.  For the chiffon fabric, cut the width to be about 3 inches and the same length as the sequin strips.  I used two chiffon strips between each sequin strip.  This combination is a sure fire way to create a classically glam look!  Happy crafting!

sequin garland blank



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A Soft White Vintage Wedding


Staci and Chris’s wedding was a lovely vintage affair, featuring a soft palette of white with touches of burlap. The wedding took place at Festivities Event Center, which was the perfect setting for their vintage theme.


The bride wore a one shoulder gown, with small rosettes adorning the shoulder, and ruching along the bodice. Her look was completed with a beautiful arrangement created by Tony Foss, which featured an elegant array of roses, lilies, orchids, and feathers. The bride wrapped her bouquet in her grandmother’s vintage handkerchief, to give her beautiful look a special meaning.


The reception carried through the vintage look with bottles wrapped in twine and lace, and an elegant rose and hydrangea arrangement. The focal point of the reception was an amazing candy bar arranged atop a vintage buffet. The candy bar featured marshmallows, chocolate covered pretzels, and other candies in various sized apothecary jars, that just oozed vintage chic.


Photos by LG Photography

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A Rustic Fall Vineyard Wedding

Rustic Wedding

The Henderson’s rustic vineyard wedding, featured beautiful hues of red, orange, and gold, which perfectly highlighted their fall backdrop. The ceremony took place underneath a forest of pine trees dripping with soft light, with an aisle set off by hanging mason jars with soft gold detailing. All the rich details were tied together in the bride’s bouquet, which featured  orange and gold foliage tied together by soft lace detailing.

The reception carried on this rich look with elegant details strewn throughout the area. The focal point of the reception was the beautiful cream colored wedding cake, created by Johnny’s Sweet Creations, which was decorated to look like a birch tree with a vine of soft flowers reaching around the side. Each guest was treated to a handmade mason jar of grape jam, which was topped with a square of black and gold fabric to complete the look.

While the soft lights and rich hues set the tone, the bride was the true center of attention. Her champagne beaded ball gown captured the rustic tone the couple was looking for, and kept the attention of all in attendance.

Rustic Wedding Colors

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