A Shabby Chic Barn Affair

This darling soiree started with a quilt patter, but tuned into so much more. As Tanisha perused the fabric racks for just the right pattern, she happened upon the perfect blush and ocean blue fabric that was just the inspiration she need.

The quilt that i.nspired a wedding

The bridesmaids dresses are dainty and beatiful, but the showstopper was Tanisha's dress.

Her bridesmaids wore blush dresses with a dainty floral pattern, but the real showstopper was Tanisha’s gown. The gown featured a romantic ruffled detail along the bottom of the dress, and a soft blush sash to tie it all together.

Wedding gown featuring a romantic ruffled detail along the bottom with a soft blush sash to tie it all together.

The reception took place in a barn which was filled with hundreds of twinkling lights, making the guests feel like they were dining beneath a starry Oklahoma sky. At the reception, Tanisha’s groom surprised her with her favorite vintage chair lovingly referred to as “The Pink Chair,” which he drove over an hour to pick up.

Tanisha’s groom surprised her with her favorite vintage chair lovingly referred to as “The Pink Chair,” which he drove over an hour to pick up.

Tanisha said that working with Taylor from Yellow Hair Photography helped make the whole day run smoothly. Tanisha wanted to remember her day as fun and carefree, and Taylor really worked to make that happen.

The night went perfectly and just as the evening was coming to a close, Tanisha’s groom whisked her away in a Ford Broncho and took her on a joyride to enjoy the countryside as newlyweds.

The night went perfectly and just as the evening was coming to a close, Tanisha’s groom whisked her away in a Ford Broncho and took her on a joyride to enjoy the countryside as newlyweds.

P.S. Tanisha turned the fabric that first inspired her into the beautiful quilt used as her cake backdrop, and it now drapes over the newlywed’s bed.

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Learn to make a flower crown with our easy DIY

It’s DIY Tuesday again, and today we are going to re-cap one of my all-time favorite DIY classes that we’ve done, flower crowns!  This is such an absolutely darling project for any wedding, and the raw materials are also seriously affordable!  This look can be created for a gorgeous bridal look, or for your darling flower girls!

Learn to make a flower crown with our easy DIY


  • floral wire
  • pliers
  • baby’s breath
  • mini-roses
  • floral tape

Learn to make a flower crown with our easy DIY tutorial

Step One:  Using your floral wire, shape it to the size of your head.  Unless you’re creating a flower girl crown, you will likely have to use two pieces so trim the excess off using the pliers.  Once your base crown has been made, begin to add the baby’s breath to the crown.  Cut off individual pieces of baby’s breath and secure it to the base crown with floral tape.

Learn to make a flower crown with our easy DIY tutorial

Step Two:  As you begin to lay out the baby’s breath, be aware of your baby’s breath placement.  Make sure not to lay two sections of flowers over one another, instead lay the floral portions over the bare stem sections.  As you begin to fill up most of your crown with baby’s breath, you will now want to focus on covering up the sections where the floral tape is showing through.  To do this, instead of taping on new pieces begin to weave shorter stems of baby’s breath into the spaces between the base crown and the taped on pieces of baby’s breath.

Learn to make a flower crown with our easy DIY tutorial

Step Three:  Now that you’ve filled your crown with your finishing floral pieces.  For this, you will not want to use floral tape, because it will show through.  Instead cut the roses with about a two inch stem.  Once you have the stems cut, begin to weave these into the existing crown.  As you begin to do this, decide where you want the front of your crown to be.  In this front section, place the floral thicker to make a big statement.  Continue to add the flowers until you’re happy and voila!

Learn to make a flower crown with our easy DIY tutorial


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Verizon App of the Week

Perfect the Swing

Planning a wedding is a major operation that requires time and effort from a lot of people. Show the men who have made your big day a success how thankful you are with the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

Whether you’re giving your dad a reason to smile after giving away his little girl, or saying “thanks” to your groomsmen, anyone will be thrilled with the the Zepp Swing Analyzer.

Using a thin wireless receiver, the analyzer records and displays swing stats directly on a smart device. Use the mobile app to view a swing in 3D from any angle, measure the angle of a backswing and even track hip rotation with a smartphone in a pocket.

Your groomsmen can share and compare their swing data with each other, giving them one more thing to be competitive about; and though he insists he’s already an expert, your father can get personalized tips, drills and coaching from the Zepp Golf App. Regardless of the recipient, anyone will love and benefit from the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer.


This week’s Wedding Ideas Technology Tip of the Week is provided by   Ginger Daril  of Verizon Oklahoma.

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The GoodGuide Towards an Eco-Friendly Wedding


Are you and your soon-to-be husband looking to keep your wedding as “green” as possible? While you may be careful about having eco-friendly items at your wedding, it’s easy to overlook the little things like the snacks you provide for the bridal party or the tablecloths you choose for your reception. The GoodGuide app makes it easy to find eco-friendly products on the go.

Scan a product’s barcode and GoodGuide will provide its ratings for health, safety, environmental and social responsibility.GoodGuide also shows you top-rated products by category and makes product recommendations based on your shopping and viewing history.

If you are looking for a specific item, the app also features an extensive database of more than 120,000 products in categories ranging from personal care to household items and apparel. Or, quickly find a product or brand to receive detailed information on the product’s environmental impact through the custom search tab.

With the GoodGuide app you will not only be able to identify and locate “green” items to add to your registry, it can also help you with purchasing environmentally-friendly items for the wedding reception or your new home!

This Wedding Ideas app of the week is brought to your by Lawrence Ross of Verizon.

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Pretty In Purple

Purple bridesmaids

Lauren, a self-professed lover of all things purple, knew from the very beginning that she wanted to celebrate with her favorite shades. She found a swatch of color, showed it to her bridesmaids and let them choose the hue that fit them best. What Lauren ended up with was a breathtaking array of amethysts, plum, slate, blackberry, and thistle.

A purple wedding

The wedding took place outdoors under a canopy of trees, which had soft lights strung across, creating a romantic glow throughout the ceremony and reception. Brandon Burton truly captured the romantic feel of Lauren’s wedding. Lauren met Brandon Burton while she was living in Oklahoma City. He took her engagement pictures, and she loved him so much she asked him to shoot her Austin wedding.

The happy couple

Lauren met her husband during high school English class, and it was simply true love. The two honored this special day by setting their wedding on the same date, eight years later. The groom got to show off his love for bacon, through his Texas Tech groom’s cake. The cake was a Shiner Bock cake, with Jameson whiskey mousse, topped with candied bacon. The cake was truly a manly creation, which was a delicious treat for all.


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Groomsmen Gifts for Your Tech-Savvy Buds: BlueAnt Pump Wireless Headphones

 Groomsmen…they’re your closest friends, your second family and your biggest supporters, and today you’ve chosen them to share the most important and memorable day of your life: your wedding. From tuxedo rentals and costly games of golf, to a bachelor party and long, awkward speeches, you owe it to them to show just how grateful you are for their friendships through the years. Give them a gift they will use and remember - the BlueAnt’s new Pump wireless headphones!

EarbudsThese stylish headphones are great for any groomsman - from the athlete to the outdoorsman. With best-in-class wireless range, Pump allows you to listen to music untethered from up to 100 feet away from your Bluetooth-enabled device, and with up to eight hours of continuous battery life.  So, you are free to stay active with non-stop music.

Pump is also waterproof and sweat resistant so you can take it where other headphones fear to tread.  From kayaking, to paddle boarding, to a quick rinse after pumping iron – Pump can withstand heavy exposure to wet conditions.

No matter what type of environment you are in, the audio remains crystal clear, creating an audiophile-grade music experience at all times. As a first of its kind, Pump redefines Bluetooth audio and provides long-lasting comfort, giving you the confidence to move with intensity.

Give your groomsmen a unique gift that will remind them of your special day with every crystal clear beat with the BlueAnt Pump wireless headphones!

This Wedding Ideas app of the week is brought to your by Scott Caul of Verizon Wireless.

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Choosing the Right Wedding Color Palette to Match Your Vintage Car


While most girls select their wedding colors from a fabric swatch, or based on their wedding venue, some decide to walk on the wild side and choose a color that matches their favorite vintage ride.

This process can be a little difficult, because vintage cars usually come in very vibrant color, but by pairing them with soft neutrals, you can make your wedding look vintage chic!

First what you’ll want to do is determine the actual color of the car. To accomplish this you can head over to your local paint shop and pull colors that look similar, or even find fabric swatches until you find the exact match. This step is very important, because you’ll want to be able to have the color handy in order to find the perfect complimentary colors, and driving your sweet vintage ride around all the time, is probably unrealistic.

Now that you have the perfect match to your car, start to select colors that will perfectly compliment it. If your color is in the warmer spectrum, like red or pink, then you may like a neutral like khaki, which will complement the color. If your car is in the cool spectrum, then color like gray and black are perfect to match your ride.

Finally you have the perfect palette selected, so share your colors with vendors like your baker, florist, and bridal salon, so that you can incorporate this perfect vintage palette and really tie your wedding together.

A blue wedding

Photo Credit Laske Images

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4 Reasons Why We Love Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

1.  Versatile Shade

Whether you have fair skinned beauties, olive skinned babes, or caramel colored darlings, there is a shade of blush that will work for you. By looking at color swatches you can choose a hue that best fits the coloring of your bridesmaids, and trust me, they will thank you! No bridesmaid wants to looked washed out while celebrating her best friend’s big day.

2.  Perfect to Mix and Match

While there are many shades of blush to fit every skin color, you may find it difficult to find one to suit all of your gals. If this is the case, we absolutely love mismatched blush dresses. Simply choose a style or fabric, and let your girls have at it. Blush is such a timeless color, that no matter the shade, they always work well together.

3.  Soft & Elegant

Since you were a little girl we know you dreamed of having your perfect hot pink Barbie wedding, but as the big day becomes reality we’re sure your groom might have a few hesitations about wearing such a bright color. Rather than forcing him into a hot pink vest, we think blush is a much more elegant and soft option for your big day. The color is easy on the eyes, but it still says girly girl. Also, this shade has endured the test of time, so when you look back you won’t have to regret the choice.

4.  Fits Every Style

Whether you’re going for glam, rustic, shabby chic, or elegant, blush is the perfect color to compliment nearly any theme. With a small adjustment in accessories, you can tweak your look to perfectly fit your style. If you want your girls to look more rustic, throw on a pair of cowboy boots and the perfect chunky necklace. If glam is more your style, find some heels with rhinestones and match them with a fun pair of rhinestone statement earrings. Looking for something a little more elegant? Match your dress with a classic pearl necklace and a pair of nude pumps, and you’re looking like Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Photo Credit: Lisa George Photography

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DIY Tuesday: Macrame Mason Jar Holder

macrame mason jar holder final

It’s DIY Tuesday again, and today we’ll be making a macramé mason jar holder. This project has been one of my favorites, because it is really easy to make which also means it’s easy to re-create. Because of that reason, this project would make a really big impact if you had a large group of them hanging at an outdoor reception, or even grouped together for a sort of chandelier look. While this completed project has a more rustic look, with a few little tweaks it can easily be modified to fit any style. If you’re looking for something more elegant, simply switch the twine out for a satin ribbon and use a mercury glass votive.

Macrame Mason Jar Holder Supplies


  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Smaller Mason Jar
  • Tea light
  • Scissors

Macrame Mason Jar Holder 1

Step One:  Using your twine, cute 8 pieces that each measure three feet. Once they have been cut, line all the pieces up and knot them all together at the end.

Macrame Mason Jar Holder 2

Step Two:  One foot down from the large knot; begin to knot the strands together in pairs of two. You can hang your knot from a hook if this portion is difficult, it will help to keep all the strands straight.

Step Three

Step Three:  Beneath the first set of knots, split the two pieces and knot each strand to its neighboring strand. You will begin to see a sort of net pattern as you continue to do this.

Step Four Mason Jar Holder 4

Step Four:  Continue to knot your strands together in the same net pattern, and after about 3 or four rows, place your mason jar into the net. This will give you a good guide to see how much more you need to macramé. Once you’ve macraméd enough to cover your mason jar, knot together the end piece beneath the jar and voila!

Finished Macrame Mason Jar Holder


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Matching Bridesmaid Getting Ready Looks

While you have slaved over the perfect look for you and your gals when walking down the aisle have you considered a matching look for getting ready? Coordinating your bridesmaid’s morning of style can make for perfect photos that show off your attention to detail, because who said that the only fun pics on your big day had to involve the groom?

While this can be accomplished through a couple different options (monogrammed button-ups or tanks) we absolutely love this bridal party’s matching silk robes.

The matching robes create a soft feminine look that is sure to leave you perfectly styled hair right in its place. Also, the soft fabric makes for a luxurious treat in a time that can be pretty stressful. While we love the soft floral print for the bridesmaids, it’s great to see the bride standing out in traditional white.

Now if you want to take your getting ready look to the next level, monogramming is an easy way to make this look all your own. You can choose to monogram your bridesmaid’s initials on the robes, or even find a fun pair of monogrammed slippers to really pamper each of your girls.

So hit Etsy, find a pattern complimentary to your wedding theme, and let the fun begin!

Bridesmaids Morning Outfits\

Matching Morning Looks

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