Wedding Ideas Valentines Day Favorites



  1. Hartleigh Valentine’s Day Glitter Nail Polish $14
  2. “I Adore You” Gold Kate Spade Bracelet $48
  3. Red Velvet Bow Front Wedges $39.99
  4. Monogrammed Cross Body Clutch $36.99
  5. Scalloped Dress $48


Here at Wedding Ideas, we are all lovers of love, so naturally Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays. We’ve rounded up our list of our favorite finds for February 14th, whether you’re celebrating Galantine’s day with your BFFs, or having date night with your man, these under $50 finds will be sure to make it a perfect night. We are all about choosing affordable pieces that you can pair together to create a complete look, that won’t break the bank. Because what’s the point in ogling over that amazing dress, when you’d have to blow you whole date night budget to buy it?!

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Forever For Real – The Languages of Love

You and your fiancé are surely feeling the love right now. You’re planning the wedding of your dreams and taking in all the joy of engagement, but feeling the love throughout your engagement, wedding and marriage takes work.

When my husband and I attended the Forever. For Real. workshop before our wedding, one of the sections that really stood out to my husband was Love Styles. Love Styles are the way that each person in the relationship feels fully loved. The six different love styles are: “Do” where the person feels loved when their partner does things for them, “Be’ where the person feels loved when the partner takes time to be with them, “Give” where the person feels loved when they receive gifts from their partner, “Encourage” where the person feels loved when their partner encourages them, “Talk” is where the person feels loved when their partner talks with them, and finally “Touch” is where the person feels loved when their partner touches them.

While each person needs a different combination of these different love styles, it’s super important to understand what your partner’s Love Style needs are, or neither of you will feel fully satisfied.

While this seems like a super easy thing to understand, I can personally tell you that it’s much easier said than done. When my husband and I wore working through this section at the Forever. For Real. workshop, I was shocked to find out that the way I had been expressing my love to my husband was not his Love Style, but instead in the Love Style I needed.

By taking time to talk through what each of our Love Styles, we were able to understand what each other’s real needs were, and really grow the love we already felt for each other.

To learn more about Love Styles and other ways to have a successful marriage, attend the next Forever. For Real. workshop on February 7th at the Skirvin Hilton! Sign up at

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Did you Say Kate Spade?


Do you choose between blush pink peonies or lilac hydrangeas? Is your dream dress A-line or a fit-and-flare mermaid? And what about the hair?

The decisions every bride has to make during the wedding-planning process are numerous and will no doubt make any groom cringe. When your guy can’t help but shrug, you turn to the next best thing—your bridesmaids. They are your go-to girls and the only ones who know that sometimes the only things that can calm an anxious bride are a pedicure and a box of chocolates. They hold your hand, stand by you when you say “I do” and will be there through thick and thin—give them a gift that will show them how much they mean to you.

The Kate Spade New York Saffiano Wristlet is chic, stylish and always ready to impress. Whether she is running to pick up your invitations from the printer or proofing the seating chart one last time, never again will she worry about a bulky tote getting in the way of the countless shopping bags she will most likely be carrying. Because it is large enough to fit most smartphones and has enough card slots to make any shopaholic smile, theKate Spade Wristlet is an errand essential.

Constructed of Saffiano vegan leather with gold detailing, the Kate Spade Wristlet is virtually scratch and stain resistant. So even if you send her to choose the horses for your carriage ride from the reception, this wristlet will survive!

As your big day gets closer and closer, don’t forget the ones who helped you make it happen. Errands, to-do lists and managing minor panic attacks are just in a day’s work for any bridesmaid—give them a gift they’ll cherish (and put to good use).

This week’s Wedding Ideas Tip of the Week is brought to you by Ginger Daril of Verizon Oklahoma.

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Forever. For Real. – The Wedding Budget Talk

You just said yes to the man of your dreams, and now you get to plan the wedding of your dreams. Your Pinterest boards are overflowing with ideas, and your girlfriends are squealing with joy over your upcoming wedding. But, before you get too far ahead, you need to pump the breaks and have the big budget talk with your man.

Finances can become a HUGE problem in a relationship, and the best way to start the rest of your life with your fiancé is to be up front and honest about what the two of you can or can’t do. While traditionally the bride’s family pays for the wedding, in today’s world brides and grooms are kicking in at least a little of their own money to pull off the wedding of their dreams.

Before you have a panic attack over talking the budget talk with your fiancé, follow these great tips I learned at Forever. For Real.. to navigate these tricky waters & have a perfect wedding that will lead to an even more perfect marriage!


  1. Use the Speaker Listener Technique
    1. This technique is one of my biggest takeaways from Forever. For Real. This technique gives each person the chance to fully speak their mind without any interruptions. Yes, it feels unnatural at first, but give it a shot because it will do wonders for your relationship! Each person takes turns speaking while the other listens intently. The Speaker keeps their statement brief, and allows time between statements for the Listener to understand. While the Listener is taking in what the Speaker is saying, the listener paraphrases what the Speaker is saying between statements to show that they understand what the Speaker is saying.
  2. Talk About Expectations
    1. Many times anger and frustration come when known and unknown expectations we have about things are not met. Take a few minutes to think and talk about how you each visualize the wedding day going.. This may not be the time to share your three thousand pins on your Dream Wedding Pinterest board, but it is the time to let your fiancé know what you have in mind.
  3. Be Willing to Problem Solve and to Budge
    1. Every bride has her dream over-the-top wedding in her mind, but unfortunately this may not be within your budget to accomplish. This doesn’t mean you need to abandon all hope. Follow these steps to Problem Solve as a couple in order to determine the best course of action. First, brainstorm all your options, not matter how crazy. Next, pick a solution you are both willing to try and agree to try it. Don’t forget to identify what you consider most important throughout the planning, whether it is an over-the-top gown, a breathtaking venue, or a knock-out caterer, so you can use the budget you have to make the biggest impact.
  4. Go to Forever. For Real.!
    1. Now that I’ve armed you with my top tips for getting through the budget talk you can start to head down the path to a healthy and happy relationship with your husband-to-be, but to continue down that path you need to attend a Forever. For Real. workshop and learn all the different tools to have an amazing marriage. Not only that, but by attending this FREE workshop on February 7th at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel, you can not only save $45 on your Oklahoma Marriage License but also have a chance to win a FREE Honeymoon. Now that is budget-friendly! Sign up at
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The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Lighting


Scrounging for a gift to give the bride and groom? Some great ideas come literally as a light bulb. The Philips Hue Downlight set is a unique and elegant gift, perfect for the newly married couple.

These “smart”, LED bulbs can be used in your kitchen, bedroom or living room to create the perfect ambiance, all from your smartphone. By connecting to Wi-Fi, you can use your smartphone to control the brightness, color and automatic on/off settings of your Philips Downlights. The accompanying Philips Hue app works with IOS and android devices. These bulbs are ideal for recessed lighting or interior spotlights and work with your existing light switches.

Using the If This Then That app, the Philips Hue Downlights can even be set to automatically change color or dim based on the weather forecast or blink when you receive a text from a specific person. Talk about a brilliant, one-of-a-kind wedding gift!

This Wedding Ideas Technology Tip of the Week is brought to you by Jenn Prout of Verizon Oklahoma.

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Yellow DIY Museum Wedding

 Parkinson-16 Parkinson2014-189 Parkinson2014-44

Lauren held a breathtaking wedding in a beautiful art museum full of sweet yellow DIY details.

Before the elegant soiree was even imagined, Lauren met her fiancé while in college, and the two immediately hit it off as friends. As the friendship grew, the two found that they both loved to travel and their friendship began to grow into much more. After months of dating, the two planned a big trip Lauren’s fiancé’s hometown of Liverpool, England. As the two took in the sights of the city, Lauren’s fiancé dropped to his knee, and asked Lauren to be his bride. The intimate moment was a perfect moment for the couple, allowing them to fully enjoy the beauty of their love.Parkinson2014-62Parkinson2014-188

Three years before their wedding the Lauren and her fiancé were listening to some live music when they immediately fell in love with the band. The band was playing Beatles tracks that reminded her fiancé of his home country of England, and the two knew that the band was something special. As the two started to plan their very own special day, the band immediately came to mind and Lauren began to search for them. Once she started working with the band, Lauren immediately had a vision of playing only Beatles songs to help make her soon-to-be husband feel at home.

Parkinson2014-54 Parkinson2014-50 Parkinson-6 Parkinson2014-60 Parkinson2014-46 Parkinson2014-8 Parkinson2014-7

While Lauren was planning her big day, she had a vision of something elegant, simple, and a little out of the ordinary. She loved simple settings with elegant details that created a minimalistic look, so when she visited a local art museum she knew she’d found the perfect wedding venue.

Parkinson2014-197 Parkinson2014-241 Parkinson2014-195 Parkinson2014-196 Parkinson2014-193

Lauren held her ceremony on the terrace of the museum, decorated simple yet elegant hand crafted pieces created by the couple. While Lauren is the dreamer of all the beautiful DIY projects at her wedding, her fiancé was the real creator with his experience in engineering. Together the two were able to create a feeling of home through all their hand-crafted details.

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No More Dead Batteries!

No More Dead Batteries with Belkin

For any new couple, exciting new things are inevitably around the corner.  Whether it’s the purchase of a new house, getting a new job or simply enjoying dinner every evening as husband and wife – there’s always a reason to celebrate! So bring on the party!

Today’s Smartphones and tablets are the ultimate tools for party planning – from researching and planning the food and drinks, to making the guest list and sending invitations, and certainly for providing music for your occasion!   After that workout, there are bound to be a few phones and tablets on low battery or with dead batteries. The Belkin Universal Home Charger is the perfect solution for keeping the party going!  Equipped to charge the greatest number of devices on the market, the Belkin Charger easily becomes the only charger you (or your guests) will ever need!

Extremely fast and extremely small, plug it into any wall outlet and the Belkin Charger seamlessly blends in without blocking other plugs, charging your dead batteries without preventing you from using other electronics. At just 15 grams, it weighs less than a few quarters in your pocket—convenience is key, right?

So, if you’re throwing your first party as newlyweds or if you’re looking for a great gift for another bride and groom, the Belkin Universal Home Charger is a must-have for anyone who wants to avoid dead batteries at inopportune times!

This Wedding Ideas Technology Tip of the Week is brought to you by Lawrence Ross of Verizon Oklahoma.

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Colorful Destination Wedding

Kali and Chase held an amazing colorful destination wedding in the vacation hotspot, Cabo!

Colorful Destination Wedding

Colorful Destination Wedding

While putting together the look of her wedding, Kali felt like no three colors could really capture the bright and colorful theme that she wanted, so she decided to throw caution to the wind and used them all. Inspired by the bright colors of Mexican heritage, Kali begin to piece together a wedding that was as vibrant and bright as the love she shared with her fiancé.

Colorful Destination Wedding Colorful Destination Wedding Colorful Destination Wedding

Once Kali met Lisa George, she knew that she had met the perfect photographer for her big day. They coordinated the travel arrangements, and Lisa and Kali pieced together a game plan for Kali’s south of the border wedding. Throughout the entire trip, Lisa kept Kali at ease by keeping ahead of the wedding, and making sure that all details were handled so Kali could enjoy her big day.

Colorful Destination Wedding

The bridesmaids wore long coral chiffon gowns that featured beautiful floral detailing along the shoulder. The dresses were bright and effervescent, much like the lovely women who wore them. While the bridesmaids looked lovely, Kali was the true gem in her breathtaking gown.

Colorful Destination Wedding Colorful Destination Wedding Colorful Destination Wedding Colorful Destination Wedding

Going against the tradition of simple gowns for beach weddings, Kali wore a full ball gown which featured an intricate design of ruffles covering the entire skirt. The ruffles perfectly captured the beauty of the ocean, with its ruffles that looked like elegant waves all along Kali’s gown.

Colorful Destination Wedding Colorful Destination Wedding

The fashion didn’t stop with the bridal party, each groomsmen was the vision of effortless beach style with gray trousers, simple white shirts, and classic navy ties. Much like his bride, Chase was the standout of his party. Channeling his inner Justin Timberlake, Chase wore a non-traditional navy suit with a classic gray tie.

Colorful Destination Wedding Colorful Destination Wedding

Once the formalities were through, the wedding party was ready to dance the night away, and they kicked off the celebration with a traditional Mexican welcome from a Mariachi band.

Colorful Destination Wedding Colorful Destination Wedding

The reception was a vision in pinks, purples, yellows, oranges, and greens. Each table featured a breathtaking arrangement of bright blooms that captured the colorful fiesta theme. The party really started once the band began to entertain the guests, and soon everyone was on the dance floor.

Colorful Destination Wedding

The evening ended with a late night dip in the pool for many of the guests, and with the newlyweds capturing a few last moonlit pictures so that they could forever remember their perfect night.

Photo Credit: LG Photography

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Pink Romantic Vintage Wedding

Bride and Groom In Front of Stained Glass

When Kayla started the wedding planning process, there were a few things she knew for sure; she wanted to feature a vintage collection of hand painted glass that her grandmother had collected, she wanted to feature over the top flowers throughout the entire wedding, and she wanted to host a wedding full of pink romantic vintage items.

Pink Cocktail Napkins

To execute her vintage vision, Kayla and her mother began the decorating process over a year in advance, searching through antique stores for pieces that would accentuate her grandmother’s collection of vintage glass. They began to put together a look that would be perfect for the vintage day Kayla had always dreamed of.

Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers

Kayla’s love for all things antique grew from the admiration she had for her grandmother’s collection of hand painted glass bridal baskets. The 28 piece collection featured soft delicate glass pieces that were created in the early 1900s. The baskets were traditionally used as gifts for newlywed brides, and now they would see new life as centerpieces for Kayla’s big day.

Bride and Groom in Woods

Once she had her antiques, Kayla now could focus on her floral vision for the wedding. Kayla spent her college days at Baylor, and working at a local florist in Waco, Texas. Throughout her days working there, she shared her dream visions of bridal bouquets with her coworkers while arranging other girls dream bouquets. Now that her day had arrived, her closest friend at the florist came through, and created Kayla’s dream bouquet.

30x40 metallic canvas

The bouquet featured a show stopping combination of blush, and soft green florals. Billowing blush peonies filled the bouquet, giving it a vintage romantic feel that perfectly captured Kayla’s vision.


Once the details were executed, Kayla enlisted her entire family to take on the biggest task of the entire decoration process. She planned to take the simple hall where she had her reception, and transform it into an elegant venue completely bathed in shades of pink. To get her vision right, Kayla had the entire hall draped in pink fabric from ceiling to floor.


Kayla had always dreamed of marrying in her mother’s garden, so she brought in a gazebo for her sweetheart table to sit beneath and brought in hundreds of beautiful plants so that her guests were transported to a beautiful garden while visiting with the newlyweds.

Kayla is now able to forever enjoy the beauty of her day thanks to the work of S&S Productions, who tirelessly worked to capture every last detail of the entire day. They went beyond their call of duty and created incredible images for Kayla, so that she can enjoy the beauty for a lifetime.

Photo Credit: S&S Productions

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Bridal Boudoir Empowerment : Adoralee OKC Boudoir


We always talk about boudoir being a gift for your husband, but the truth is a boudoir shoot is so much more than that. Boudoir is empowerment, and helps us see ourselves like everyone else does, strong and beautiful. At Adoralee Boudoir Studio, OKC boudoir specialists, they are helping brides everywhere find that feeling of empowerment before they head down the aisle.

OKC Boudoir
As brides all of us are subject to so much judgment with our appearance. We go to a bridal boutique with all our girlfriends, are expected to fit into the sample size dress and have to look in the mirror and ask ourselves if we look beautiful enough. It’s a tough thing for girls of any size, and it’s a shame because we are all gorgeous no matter what we’re wearing.

OKC BoudoiR
As a newlywed I was facing this exact problem before I walked down the aisle. I had been to more than a couple fittings for my wedding dress, and the look of the dress on me was really starting to have an effect. I kept thinking, if only my hips were narrower, my legs longs, my arms thinner, THEN I would be beautiful. It’s so easy to fall into this trap when you spend so much time worrying over the way you’re going to look on your wedding day.

Just when I felt like there was no hope, and I was going to look like a white whale walking down the aisle, I decided that I would do a boudoir shoot. I went into Adoralee wanting to create a special gift for my soon-to-be husband, but left with so much more.
I went through my session nervous as can be, but my photographer Ashley kept assuring me how amazing I looked. The worst part was waiting in the viewing room to see what the pictures look like, but when the screen turned on I got much more than I bargained for.
As I looked through the un-retouched images, I didn’t see a bride nervous about how she’d look in her wedding dress, but instead I saw the woman that is going to be a wife soon & a woman that is undeniably sexy.

It was just what I needed, to finally see myself like my husband sees me. I left Adoralee that day with my head held high and maybe even a little extra swing in my walk. And let me tell you, I had my very last dress fitting that same week & I looked absolutely stunning on wedding day just like I know you all will.

OKC Boudoir

For details on how to sign up for a free boudoir session with Adoralee Boudoir Studio visit

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